Australia’s Finest Wine Regions – The Yarra Valley

Some of the most exclusive and sought after wineries are located in the Yarra Valley in Victoria Province, Australia. By now, the reputation of the area for fine, but low-yielding vineyards, for the production of a large variety of superb wines has spread throughout the world. Also well know for its beautiful landscapes, the Yarra Valley is also known for its fresh and abundant produce to go along with the prestige of the great wines as tourists flock to this region of Australia.

yarra valley climateThe Yarra Valley has a very cool climate, which makes it an ideal location for the different grape varieties that are required for the production of the wines. There are many varieties of wines that are made in the region including sparkling wines, table wines, and dessert wines. The Methode Champenoise is used for the manufacture of sparkling wines by employing a second fermentation, making the wine even more exceptional. There are also many farms in the region, where great varieties of cheeses are made, which go along with wine as a treat. Find out more at

Tourists love to take the tours of the wineries because, along with the fine food, they are what you might call “gourmet education” with enjoyment. You will undoubtedly learn a lot about the manufacture of wine when you take a trip to the area, and you will eat very well too. You will also have the opportunity to visit various cheese making facilities as well, and you will learn how the cheeses are made.

yarra valley restaurantThe region has a very large assortment of gourmet restaurants that are categorized in the World Class position. The food is plentiful and delicious, and most people leave the region with shopping bags full of wine and produce after having spent time touring the region and learning about how everything is made. So naturally, everyone wants to take some of the good samples along home with them.

It is very easy to travel to the Yarra Valley region of Victoria, making another reason the area is so very popular with tourists from all over the world. Only an hour’s drive from Melbourne, the Yarra Valley is very accessible and convenient. The guided tours are plentiful, and it doesn’t matter too much which one you choose. They all seem to hit all the spots that you will want to experience with this one  being a popular choice. Some of the tours are very exclusive and limit the numbers of people who will travel on the tour. Also, private tastings and barrel tastings can be arranged.

melbourne_travelAs far as the tours, in general, are concerned, the primary emphasis is upon the satisfaction of the tourists. Most tours are very flexible as to details such as arrival times, food, and any special treatment that is needed. If you do have occasion to travel to Melbourne, you certainly do not want to miss an excursion for a few days to the beautiful Yarra Valley. The experience is so wonderful and memorable that many tourists come to the area the next time for the sole purpose of revisiting the Yarra Valley and all that it has to behold.